They say Patience is a Virtue, that mean it's a Good Thang! (in my Southern slang) LOL!

There's a Natural flow and Order to all things...

Although some things can seemingly change over night ultimately everything is set to it's own Individual Flow...It's own Rhythm...

But with Instant "Likes" | Instant "Loves" | Instant "Food" we've all been conditioned to believe that the results we want in the many aspects of our lives will come just as quick. Even when they do they're not lasting. We lose weight in a Week, next week it's right back. We Fall in Love in a day, next month it's over. Due to expecting instant results and lacking the Principle of Patience and the Energy that's behind it.

Now as a Spiritual Being I Innerstand the Power of Self | The Power of the Ultimate Creator. And there are times when things seemingly happen Instantaneously. But most things in our life require Patience which is synonymous with Faith (Two things I've had a struggle with along my Journey) But when it comes to seeing the Changes we want in our lives whether Personal, Career, Romantic Etc. it's a matter of Innerstanding this which is the somewhat easy part... Now the hard part is actually applying it! Which can be difficult for a Sistah!

So How Does One Maintain Peace In The Waiting Process???

Well for me personally my Patience has never been tested as much as it's been over the last few years. And within that time I've learned how to practice tapping into what we term as "GOD". (A Daily Work). Innerstanding that it's a Consciousness | Force that's outside of me but most importantly a Force that resides in me aswell.

Watching and listening to Nature...Observing Her Ways, Her Cycles, Her Changes.  The Sun doesn't rush to set. The Moon doesn't rush to Rise. Winter patiently waits it's turn so with that I see there's something to Waiting, but waiting Patiently... Waiting Humbly... Waiting Faithfully...

And that can be challenging when learning how to operate in this Material Reality. I feel one of the main challenges to this is that although we see the changes happening in the Universe we don't really understand the Forces and Energies behind those changes...Primarily because they are Unseen, one the main components of the Spiritual World. Being a Life Path number 7 and naturally Intuitive and someone that just wants to know, doing my own research has lead to a better Innerstanding of these Forces. And with that Innerstanding I've been able to apply Patience in the many aspects of my Life that I wanted to rush along.

Knowing that if we have the ability to bear fruit I choose to bear fruit that's Lasting. Fruit that replenished itself. Fruit that is continuous...

So when it comes to being an "Overnight Celebrity | Viral Success" | when it comes to this Spiritual Journey and getting back to Self I'm not looking for Fame or Instant Enlightment based on another Expectation or Perception...

I'm learning to lean on and trust that Patience. Knowing that not only will I reap what I Desire, but that it'll also be Lasting...

So Queen, B Patient With The Journey.

"The Only Way You Can Plant The Seed And Eat Tomorrow Is IF it's GMO Everything Organic takes Time..." - S O U L

New Single 'Black Girl Magick' Out Now!

#HiphopSoul 4 The People X The Culture 


What Is Black Girl Magick???  


Lately we've heard this statement being used everywhere. From 'Memes' to 'T-Shirts' to 'Quotes'. Even Women who aren't of Melanated descent have adopted the term. But what does it mean???

Within 'OUR' Culture and within society as a whole there has been a mass misappropriation of The Black Woman. From Her Status, to Her Image, to Her Being. Leaving 'US' with fractured Identities resulting in fractured Minds and fractured Souls. And HipHop, which was initially an outlet for us to speak our stories and truths has merged with this Universal misrepresentation of us as Women and as a Culture in general.

Which is one of the reasons why I personally feel its crucial as an Artist that partially represents HipHop to bring light to these realities at the same time creating Music that reflects Truth aimed at lifting the Universal Vibration versus lowering it. Which is ultimately where we have been Musically for years now. I give acknowledgement to Sistahs like 'Erykah Badu' 'Lauryn Hill' and 'Jill Scott' to name a few. As Artist and as Individuals these women have exemplified #BlackGirlMagick.

So back to the initial question, What Is Black Girl Magick?

It's an Essence. An Energy. A non-mutable truth. It's that Power that lies within waiting Dormant to be activated. It's that unseen but felt Strength, Knowledge and Courage from our Ancestors, from the Divine. It's the Light in the Dark. 

It's Magick.

It's You.

It's Me.